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What are Game Chips?

Chips are one of the most important elements of the game as they define the best players. Each player when he first enters the application, he starts with 150 Chips, which are shown on the left side of the main screen:

In order to play a game, your opponent and you, bet Chips. The amount of betting depends on your Game Mode.

In the first Game Mode the betting amount is 10 credits. In other words, the winner will earn 20 Chips (the sum of his own and his opponent’s Chips):

As you can see from the figure above, when you start a game in the first Game Mode, the winner gets 10 points and 20 Chips.
Points are used to level up, and Chips to rise higher in the Hall of Fame.
At this point we should remind you that your points cannot decrease (if you lose the game, you will not lose Points), but if you lose, the Chips you bet are removed.
In the next Game Modes the betting limit gradually increases, which turns out to be very stimulating.
For betting amounts over 100 Chips per player, the Dealer of the game takes a 5% tip from the total for the gaming experience he offers.