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How to play Candy Duels?

Each Candy Duels board contains a maximum of 81 cells. Each cell may contain a candy or an obstacle or a combination of both.

A cell may also be a hole.

A candy can not stay on a hole and generally it moves through it towards the next cell.

On some of the cells, there are jellies, placed under any other item, candy, obstacle etc.

Being the first of 2 opponents to remove all the jellies from a board is actually the goal of all levels in Candy Duels. To remove a jelly, you have to make a contain the candy which stands on it within a match. To make a match, you have to bring 3 or more jellies in a line, vertically or horizontally. Diagonal matches don't count. To move a jelly and perform a match, there are two ways: a) click on each of the adjacent candies to switch their positions b) click and drag a candy towards the position of the other candy with which you want to switch places. Either of the above actions will create a chain of 3 or more candies in a row or column, removing them from board and making all the items above them to occupy their cells. If any of the cells containing the matched candies, had jellies in them, the action will cause the jellies to be removed. When removing jellies, you may watch their number decreasing on the left of the board, next to your avatar.

Each time you make a match the action is called a "move". Each level has limited number of moves a player can perform, in order to remove all jellies. The remaining moves may be found in the same widget as above, right next to your avatar: