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How to monitor the progress of the game

You can always check the Pot at the top of the screen as you play. That is, what the winner of the game will win. In the example below, the winner will earn 54 Chips (the game's digital currency) and 30 points (the points as we said increase your experience and help you level up). In order to maintain the game service, 10% of the betted chips go to the dealer.

Furthermore, at the bottom of the screen appears the Round which is in progress. In the following example, the opponents have chosen to play "To 3 Rounds" and at the moment the 2nd one is in progress.

In each player's area, are displayed his/her Pips, ie the number of points that all checkers of the player need in order to be bore off. In other words, the player with the fewest Pips at a given point in time precedes in the game at that specific time point. Of course, pips are not the only criterion that shows us who is ahead, since the position of one's checkers in relation to those of his/her opponent also matters. Do not forget that backgammon is not just a game of luck and speed but at the same time a game of strategy.

At the same spot, under each player's area, are also displayed his/her victories during the current game. For example, in the case below, the player has one victory already, meaning he is obviously playing in a game of 3 or 5 rounds and not of 1.  

Moreover, in the same area showing the level of the player (the number within the star), you can view the player’s complete profile if you click on it.