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What are the Game Modes?

When you enter the game for the first time, you only have access to the first Game Mode 'The Great Pyramid'.

The total Game Modes in which you can gain access are 7 and are unlocked according to your level.
1. Great Pyramid (unlocks at level 1)
2. Temple of Artemis (unlocks at level 2)
3. Hanging Gardens (unlocked at level 4)
4. Lighthouse (unlocked at level 5)
5. Colossus (unlocked at level 6)
6. Mausoleum (unlocked at level 8)
7. The Statue of Zeus (unlocked at level 10)

Every Game Mode features:
• New graphics: Each new Game Mode has unique and magnificent graphics that make the game more and more interesting!
• Different game settings: As Game Modes become more and more difficult, the time to play is reduced.
• Different Betting: In each new Game Mode, you have the chance to win more Points and Chips for each victory.