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How to play Solitaire Wonders?

Welcome to Solitaire Wonders! In order to prevail, you have to remain fast and observant during the game.
Your goal is to stack all the cards in 4 piles, starting from an Ace and ending with a King.

There are two areas where you can draw cards from:

A. The card columns occupy most of the board.

There are 7 columns of cards, faces down except the bottom one which is face up. You may click on a card that is open to move it on top of another column, or to one of the 4 placeholders on top of the board.
B. The stack on the top right corner of the board.

By clicking on this stack you flip 1 card if you are in the first Mode of the game, "The Great Pyramid", or 3 cards if you are in one of the next Modes. You may click on a card that is open to move it on top of another column, or to one of the 4 placeholders on top of the board.

How to move cards from one position to another.

1. Moving cards between columns, or from stack to columns To move a card on top of another, it must have a number smaller by 1 and a suit of a different color. For example, you may move a Queen of Spades on top of a King of Diamonds or Hearts but not on top of a King of Clubs.

You may move more than 1 card from one column to another, for example, a series of J,10,9,8 on top of a Queen.

In case all cards are moved from a column, the empty placeholder can be filled only by a King of any suit, or a King followed by more cards.

You don't have to drag the card(s) with your mouse or finger(if playing on mobile devices), by just clicking on them the game will automatically move them to the proper position if the move is valid.
2. Moving cards to the 4 top piles As mentioned before each player's aim is to be the first to accumulate all cards on the top 4 piles, each one for each suit, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs & Spades. To move a card on one of these piles, there has to be a card with a number smaller by 1, of the same suit, except if you find an Ace, which starts an empty pile, on top of which all other cards are stacked one by one until King.

By clicking on any card of the stack or the columns, the game will check the 4 piles for availability first, and then on any other position, since this is the purpose of the game. For example, clicking on the 2 of Hearts will move it on top of the A of Hearts on the top piles, even if there is a 3 of Clubs or Spades somewhere on the columns.
To take points in the game, you have to be the first among the two opponents who move a specific card to one of the 4 piles on top of the board.

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