How to play Yatzy?

Yatzy is a dice game played by 2 players. In order to prevail, you have to form the best combination of dice in your turn and hit the most points.
The board is divided into 2 main areas:

1: Dice roll area. On every roll, the dice are displayed in this area. You may pick none to all dice and "hold" them for the next roll if you think the current roll has low pay-out, by clicking them. The light blue frame around the two "fours" of the image above, for example, indicates that they have been held. That means that if we click on the "ROLL" button, only the dice with numbers 3-2-3 will change. In each round, you can roll the dice three times. The gray 1 that appears next to the ROLL, shows that we see the dice after their first roll. 

2: Scoreboard area. Your score, as well as your opponent's score, is filled on this board. On the left you can see the valid combinations, on the middle column you can check or fill your scores and on the right, you can check your opponent's scores. After finishing your rolls, you have to choose which area of the Scoreboard you want to fill, by clicking one of your available options in gold. For example, on the image above, we do have 2 "threes" at our disposal, but the area with "threes" amount is already filled in a previous round (check the 12 points on the middle column of the scoreboard) and therefore we cannot assign points there again. However, we can write 8 points from the two "fours" that we also have, or "hold" them and keep rolling, hoping that we're gonna get even more "fours". Finally, you can check your as well as your opponent's current overall score above the scoreboard, as shown in the image below.

The green bar that empties, indicates the time you have at your disposal in order to complete your round.

Apart from the Roll Button that we have discussed already, there is one more option on the Dice roll area:


The Golden Dice. To find more about the "Golden Dice" power-up, read the "Power-Ups" section in the "Store" tab.

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