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How to play Solitaire Duels?

Welcome to Solitaire Duels! In this solitaire game, you have to be as fast as possible.
In order to solve the solitaire, remove all cards by clicking on the next higher or lower card in sequence.

If there are no more moves available you can always take a card from the stack

and do not forget that on an ace you use either a king or a two.

This solitaire game is really demanding and worth all of your attention while it is multiplayer and you compete in real-time against other players.

You should watch out for the choco bombs

and try to reach a high score so as to get a place in the leaderboard and unlock quickly next game modes.

Special Cards
During the game, you may find special types of cards that can change your game progress. These cards feature negative or positive effects and their functionality is described below:
1. "Locked" cards

You may meet this card from Mode "Candies" and higher. This card is locked and the lock can be removed with a single valid action. However, this contains a trap, and the top card from your stash that you used to remove the lock, is removed as well, revealing the previous card of the stash. So be aware, and keep in mind your cards' sequence!

2. At random points, from Mode "Donuts", and higher you may meet these 2 bonuses on cards:
a.+2 Open Cards.

If you succeed to remove this card from the board in 20 seconds, 2 random closed cards (face down) will be flipped and you'll be able to see their number.
b.+2 Cards in Deck.

If you succeed to remove this card from the board in 20 seconds, 2 cards will be added to your deck.